MoNNe: analysis engine

MoNNe: KPA analysis engine


The KPA Analytics Engine software, nicknamed MoNNe, is a powerful internal analysis software developed by KPA to ensure fast delivery and accurate analytical reports for our customers.
The KPA MoNNe provides us with the ability to provide TurnKey solutions and to meet each customer's spec and needs. The MoNNe software produces powerful PowerPoint reports from any survey data set in a short time.

MoNNe Modules:

  • MoNNe’s analysis module is based on KPA’s unique AIM methodology which incorporates statistical tests, validations and conclusions.
  • MoNNe’s trend module allows us to present trend results even as questions and populations change throughout the years.
  • MoNNe’s flexible reporting module produces powerful PowerPoint reports according to your specific custom needs.

MoNNe Advantages:

  • Better delivery - Set up work is done while survey sites are on the air, shortening delivery time to a minimum.
  • Better quality - Using an automated predefined tool reduces manual errors.



"Only reports that are accompanied by evidence based conclusions have a chance of becoming a practical tool and benefit the organization."
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