Hot Alert

What is a Hot Alert?

  • When a customer responds with negative feedback or a specific problem, the system flags respondents that need a response.
  • Hot Alerts enable organizations to take immediate action on any issue or request identified by a customer during a survey.
  • A necessary requirement is that the responders agree to expose their contact details.
  • All of these flagged activities are logged and tracked until follow up has taken place.


Hot Alert (HA) – Purpose?

  • Hot alerts provide a unique customer engagement to increase satisfaction.
  • Providing an opportunity for a personal touch with the customer.
  • Quick response to customer insights.
  • Better meet and exceed customer needs.
  • Ability to uncover hidden insights from customers as well as track their pain points.
  • A significant understanding of the issues and process changes.
  • Quickly identifying customers who are at greatest risk in order to decrease abandonment.
  • Use of hot alerts prompts action.


General Aspects

  • By listening to their frustrated customers, organizations that use the HA platform were able to really understand their customers and also find new revenue opportunities.
  • The customer-focused culture within organizations that use the HA platform has allowed them to develop less risky, more stable business models. This results in companies delivering better results by putting their customers at the center of their business.
  • The HA platform provides a set of tailored reports that provide specific information to various parts of the organization. The reports are all designed to improve organizational performance and increase customer loyalty.
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