MoRRe-e: database SaaS

MoRRe-e: KPA data base SaaS


KPA offers an online data base management software, nicknamed MoRRe-e. This friendly SaaS (software as a service) allows easy tracking on response rates and effectively manage your follow-up action with customers who have yet to respond to the survey.

Main MoRRe-e Targets:

  • Generating real time status updates based on survey SQL database
  • Controlling your database and comparing between different data base segments
  • Deriving specific follow up actions

MoRRe-e features:

  • Unlimited filtering layers defined by the user
  • Bookmarks feature and shared bookmarks
  • Export customized Excel detailed report
  • Sort options available on both filters and on detailed reports
  • Search option

MoRRe-e Advantages:
  • Internet based; no installation required
  • Very friendly user interface
  • Reporting options
  • Multiple users enabled
  • Multilingual


What our customers say about MoRRe-e:

"Hewlett Packard have been working with the MoRRe-e tool during the latest WW customer satisfactions surveys targeting very large global customer and distributors base. The tool successfully provides real time view of the survey progress, information regarding the completion rate and data of the contacts that require our attention. It's extremely helpful, easy to use, and web based allowing easy access of global focal points. Strongly recommended in order to achieve best value for dollar."

Arthur Rozner, GSB Worldwide Total Customer Experience Manager, Hewlett-Packard

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"Getting high response rates for your customer satisfaction surveys is a challenging task. Follow up actions are essential when trying to reach desired targets. "