Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys


Is salary the most important parameter in employee’s satisfaction level? According to our data the answer is NO. So, do you know what makes your employees really tick?
And, compared to other companies, what is your potential to raise employee satisfaction from a certain issue previously considered problematic?

KPA has developed a model for conducting comprehensive organizational surveys, which produce feedback on the entire organization's managerial hierarchy. The KPA model provides a translation of the survey initiative into a process with impact on the entire organization. It positions the survey as an important tool of management, an integrated part of the organizational culture, and a strategic component in the values of a "learning organization".

Internal Customers and Internal Supplier Surveys
The change in the approach to customer management and the role of customer service has forced upon organizations far-going inner changes. Organizations have understood that even internally in the organization there are customers and suppliers, which are constantly interacting. For example, the procurement department supplies service to the entire organization, as a distributor of equipment. The legal department provides legal advise to all departments, and so on. The internal customer and internal supplier survey provides an analysis of the inner organizational processes, and their potential improvements, in an effort to achieve increased effectiveness and efficacy in the operation of the organization, and in the quality of the response to the outer customers.

A partial list of our customers that have implemented a successful employee satisfaction survey includes: Sandisk (2007), ECI (since 2004), Ness (since 2009), Keshet (since 2007), Lumines (since 2007), Eliashar (since 2005), Visonic (since 2008)….

More activities:

  • Workforce satisfaction surveys
  • Internal supplier-customer surveys
  • Change Management
  • Training, coaching and management development
  • Performance appraisal and compensation systems
"The expertise and professional excellence in conducting research is measured by how the organization applies its conclusions, and the changes and improvements it triggers in the organization."
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