Strategic Management Consulting

Facilitating the planning and implementation of strategic initiatives, including optimized organizational structures.

Senior management’s responsibility is to design and implement the organizational strategy - other activities may be delegated.
The strategic plan reflects the organization's vision and determination
in achieving its goals, and therefore the organization's future.

KPA specializes in methods and tools for designing strategies, and for translating strategies into operational actions in order to achieve organizational goals.

Strategic tools and services:

Tools for positioning an organization in the market and technology landscape, relative to competitors and trends.

Methodologies for designing strategies in industrial and service organizations

Methods of initiating and executing strategic alliances

Mathematical models for prioritization and management of project portfolios

Methodology for designing and implementing a quality strategy

Risk Management and new generation Business Intelligence

For a presentation on models used by KPA for strategic planning click here

"Experience has shown that research or a survey by itself is of no independent value, but that the quality of such activities is measured by the resulting follow up actions."
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