TCE Program

TCE (Total Customer Experience) Program



Establishing a successful Total Customer Experience (TCE) Program is an important decision for every organization. It is a statement that customers are in the focus and at the top priority. As it creates a set of expectations, TCE Program is also a commitment to listen, learn and improve. This commitment is dual: to the customers and to the organization’s employees.

A successful TCE Program paves the way for creating a real change or for leveraging existing company-wide initiatives. The TCE Program is backed-up by the most authentic evidence for driving these initiatives – the voice of the customer.

Therefore, we view the TCE Program as a holistic, extensive and continuous companywide process and not as a one-time effort, made to ‘feel the pulse’ and continue ‘as usual’. A successful TCE Program can be a great organizational asset of methodology, tools, processes and even culture, embraced by all the company’s employees and customers.


TCE Program - benefits

Based on our accumulated and successful experience in designing and implementing TCE programs in a variety of organizations, we can honestly say that those organizations that have chosen to implement such a process usually enjoy the following benefits:

  • Setting an organizational focus and attention on the customers and their perceptions and needs
  • Measuring the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty levels for all customers and for specified groups of customers, as well as for specific services and products
  • Identifying the company’s key strengths and weaknesses
  • Uncovering insights and setting recommendations for improvement actions
  • Establishing the company’s base-line for improvement
  • Creating a continuous improvement cycle internally & externally


TCE Program Components

Based on our approach, the TCE Program comprises the following phases and deliverables:


"The success of your survey program should be measured not by the execution stage but by the ability to understand its findings and implement them."
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