Statistical Consulting

World class expertise in industrial statistics, biostatistics and risk management

KPA has gained world wide recognition as a competence center in quantitative methods with activities in Industrial Statistics, Risk Management, Biostatistics, Data Mining and General Mathematical Modeling.

KPA's statistical consulting practice include partners such as ISRU, Newcastle University 's Industrial Statistics Research Unit. KPA and ISRU offer several joint training programs including Six Sigma training and Quality by Design comprehensive programs for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The KPA Center for Robust Design and Industrial Statistics was created in 1994 as a resource center within KPA Ltd. The center specializes in advanced methods of industrial statistics and operations research, including Quality by Design, for improving quality and increasing productivity. The center has won a long term tender to provide consulting services in the area robust design and industrial statistics to the Israel Defense Industry.

In conjunction with the University of Torino in Italy and the Center for Risk Engineering of NYU-Poly in the USA, KPA has developed unique expertise in operational risk management compliant with Basel III requirements.

In the area of Biostatistics and Biomathematics KPA has participated in the design and analysis of clinical trials. Clinical Trials at Work - is a workshop based  on the MetaGen software , a unique simulation platform for clinical trial design. This one day workshop is a joint KPA-ENBIS workshop. For a description of the workshop please click here . To download Gen (The software used to plan and run trial simulations) click download Gen . For more information on MetaGen see:

KPA has extensive expertise in Data Mining techniques. In the 1980s, Professor Kenett was one of the originator of Structural Exploratory Data Analysis (SEDA) together with Professor Sam Karlin of Stanford University. SEDA is one of the first forms of Data Mining. KPA has applied Data Mining techniques to churn management, sales campaigns, accident prevention and quality control.

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"When dealing with data, our main areas of concern should be: 1) the quality of the data, 2) the quality of the data analysis, and 3) the quality of the information derived from the data."
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