"Being truly and thoroughly listened to in today's fast paced world is something we feel is worth saying thanks for…"

"Being truly and thoroughly listened to in today's fast paced world is something we feel is worth saying thanks for…"

Carrying on with business without being thoroughly aware to what your customers think is like steering a racing boat without navigation instruments on a cloudless night – you may get lucky for a while and keep afloat, but sooner rather than later you're bound to bump into some unfriendly semi-submerged rock formations.

HP is one of the world's leading organizations with loyal customers spread throughout the world while its activities are facilitated through several divisions. Indigo, one of HP's divisions started conducting TCE (Total Customer Experience) with the help of KPA back in 1998. Since no such process existed prior to that period, KPA had to set the entire operation up from scratch. And that they did. When HP acquired Indigo in 2000, KPA was chosen to continue working with HP after the merge and has been managing the TCE program ever since. Over the years KPA has developed the TCE process extensively amplifying it with new software. With time the TCE program has expanded into more and more divisions and areas of activities within HP and today many TCE programs are run in HP divisions every year.

HP’s Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions (IHPS) division did not conduct customer satisfaction surveys up until a few years ago. KPA's team of experts assisted us at IHPS in thoroughly planning the process, mapping out our clientele base and setting the criteria as to which customers should partake in the survey. They further assisted us in setting the whole thing in motion and making sure a high response rate was achieved, while all the while keeping us well informed and very much involved. Accepting a challenging time frame KPA set a tight schedule and kept to it almost religiously while demonstrating commendable flexibility and availability.

In order to easily and conveniently reach our customers an Internet based platform was developed which consisted of 85 questions while still remaining user friendly and inviting.

After an impressive amount of valuable data was collected, KPA proceeded to masterfully analyze it while distilling the most important findings into comprehensible challenges and operative conclusions. The way these findings and conclusions were presented to senior management made it possible to act on what our customers really think and feel. It also made it extremely easy on business units' managers to take very precise and cost effective corrective actions in order to swiftly make things better for our customers.

Our connection with KPA's team of professionals was both instant and intuitive. This team of experts was able to provide us with a comprehensive theoretical background but more importantly, to explain these theories and to make the practical join forces with the theoretical.

As mentioned above, and as its worth repeating, being truly and thoroughly listened to in today's fast paced world is something we feel is worth saying thanks for.


Alex Korenev

Quality program manager at HP Inkjet Web Press Division

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