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"Becoming the first organization in Israel to acquire CMMI Level 5 and joining the elite 7% of organizations which have acquired CMMI Level 5 worldwide puts IAI in league with the world's leading organizations…"

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Israel Aerospace Industries – Case Study


Israel Aerospace Industries is globally recognized as a leader in developing military and commercial aerospace technology. This distinction is the result of prolonged efforts spanning almost half a century of designing, engineering and manufacturing for customers throughout the world. Due to its fields of operation, IAI finds it essential to meet the most challenging standards and regulations whilst ensuring provided services' uncompromising quality.

Over time, IAI's senior management have reached the conclusion that in order to further evolve IAI's overall performance an assimilation of a more advanced standard was necessary. In order to acquire CMMI Level 5, assess development and manufacturing processes' effectiveness and achieve greater efficiency, KPA were selected as a strategic partner.

Although IAI enjoyed well made and profound foundations, upon launching the process two years ago little did we know what hardships and challenges this assimilation will present us with, arising from IAI's singular and unique characteristics. Although faced with numerous unexpected difficulties, hardships, obstacles and challenges, KPA stayed for the long haul, fully accompanying each and every one involved in the process while demonstrating unyielding determination to see us through.

Pinpointing the turning point in the process, it was KPA's team of specialists' ability to identify blocking or reluctant to adapt forces, breaking the situation down to its elements and managing to harness various and diversified organizational functions to the process while making it clear what they stand to gain by doing so.

Following this crucial turning point, the process took speed as real time suitable process control and management tools were being created, modified and assimilated based on, and adjusted to, IAI's stout foundations. These tools allow for a sophisticated data based decision making process to take place, improved productivity and increased revenues.

During this process we found KPA to consist of a professional team of experts, more than willing to share their knowledge and eager to put in the hours and efforts required.


Sarit Assaraf

cmmi scampi b team leader at Israeli Aerospace Industry

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