White papers and Presentations

White papers and Presentations


Risk Management Audio Interview


Audio Interview on the paper Sight Seeing: New audit approach helps assess risk throughout an organization

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Integrated Models and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Competitive forces are driving organizations to seek remedies and solutions in different directions in their journey for achieving business sustainability and market presence. A generic goal of any organization is to develop and offer the right product and service, to the right market, at the right time and price. Click here to download PDF

Intro on EKD ( Enterprise Knowledge Development )

EKD ( Enterprise Knowledge Development ) is a methodology that provides a systematic way of analyzing, understanding, developing and documenting work process knowledge in an organization and its parts. Click here to download PDF

Corporate Social Responsibility: What it really is, Why it’s so important, and How it should be managed

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a topic that is increasingly capturing the interest and imagination of people in the business world. However, despite all of the attention that has been given to this issue, there is still much confusion and many misperceptions surround it. Click here to download PDF

Managing for Quality in Ancient Israel

A perspective on the role of managing for quality in what has been labeled "The Cradle of Civilization." Click here to download PDF