Organizational Consulting

Providing management with effective plans and ongoing support

Our dynamic and competitive world creates a need for organizations to constantly respond to threats from competitors. This requires innovation, continuous improvement, and practical tools to help the organization achieve it’s objectives.

KPA experts have extensive expertise in providing management with effective plans and ongoing support. Our experience with organizations has taught us to work effectively and efficiently with our customers as partners in order to develop tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

KPA is a recognized center of excellence in the area of change management in Enterprise System Implementations. We guide companies in a simple and approachable manner. The KPA BEST (Better Enterprise System Implementation) tools match causes and effects chains for proactive risk reduction initiatives.

Services in the area of Organizational Consulting and Training:
Assessment centers for workers and managers building on proprietary competency models
Integrative models for management development
Systematic models for organizational change management
Tools for improving service delivery procedures
Performance Appraisal Systems
Strategic Planning of Human Resources

Articles for download:

Process Focused Performance Appraisal Systems
The article presents a novel approach to Performance Appraisal Systems where internal customers determine the level of performance of their internal suppliers.

Simulation Package of a Performance Management Appraisal System

This instructional material package was developed by KPA for the MBA program of the College of Management, Rishon Lezion, Israel.

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