The AIM process

The AIM process


KPA's proprietary AIM (Appraisal and Implementation Methodology) is an effective cyclical approach to improvements in customer or employee satisfaction and efficiency optimization, triggered by TCE (Total Customer Experience), VOC (Voice of the Customers) Surveys and (Voice of  the  Workforce - VOW ) .

The process is divided into two main phases Appraisal and Implementation as presented in the diagram below.

KPA CEO, Prof. Ron Kenett explains: "Experience has shown that a survey by itself is of no independent value, but that the quality of such tools is measured by outcomes from the resulting follow up actions. A recommendation that is not accompanied by a specific action item does not carry the same weight as a recommendation that is implemented and that produces benefits to the organization. Therefore, the expertise and professional excellence in conducting a research/survey is measured by how the organization applies its conclusions, and the changes and improvements it triggers in the organization. The improvement in organizational effectiveness is the measure of our success.“




Q & A: Typical concerns in a survey process


Below you will find a list of questions anybody planning to run a survey should ask himself. Knowing which questions to ask is half the work, for answers you are welcome to contact us or check out our knowledge base.

The questions are organized by the order of the different phases of the program.

How do I get my management on board?
When and how should the management get involved?
How do I advertise the process in my company and to my customers?
What are the objectives of the process? What am I looking to achieve?
How long does the appraisal process take and when can I expect to see first results?

What is the best appraisal method for my company?
How do I ensure the process will give me results I can use?

Once I get the conclusions and recommendation how will I implement them in my company, Who should be involved in the implementation phase?
Will the results tell me what I need to improve?

What is the right scale to us for satisfaction questions?
Should I use satisfaction questions or perception questions?
How many questions should each questionnaire have?
Am I asking the right questions the right person?
Do I promise anonymity to my respondents? how does this effect the response rate?
To whom should I send the questionnaire?
Which demographic variables should I collect from my systems?

How do I make sure each respondent answers the questionnaire only once?
How should I invite my target population to the survey?
Should I share the results with the respondents?
How do I get my target population to answer the survey?
What is considered a good response rate?

Analyze and Report
Did all segment receive adequate representation?
How can I make sure I did not get junk answers?

Is “average” the right parameter to identify problematic areas?
If I see a change from last year’s results how do I know if this change is not due to statistics and indicates a real problem with my target population?
What would I like to include in the reports?
Which view will drive the most improvement and action?

How do I set targets for next year?
Where can I cut down costs and were do I have to invest effort of improvement?
What's the recommended way to control the improvement actions?

"Managers that implemented the AIM program, claim that the program deliverables gained significant high level management attention."
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