Experts Team

KPA Experts Team


Nir Gurevitch - Chief Technology Officer

Professor David Steinberg - industrial statistics and biostatistics

Dr. Benny Yoskovich - industrial statistics and biostatistics

Dr. Anat Reiner-Benaim - biostatistics and big data analysis

Professor Shelley Zacks - statistics and clinical trials

Professor Irad Ben Gal - statistics and industrial engineering

Elie Louzon - quality and process improvement expert. Click here for Resume.

Avi Harel - usability analysis and web technology

Yehuda Blumenfeld - industrial statistics and software development

Brad Hofman - programmer and application development

Moshe Miller - lean manufacturing and six sigma

Yael Chazan - organizational development and employee surveys

Ron Ben-Jacob - software implementation, statistical analysis and information systems

Lena Kenett - software customization expert

Yifat Lavi – statistics and six sigma

Rachel Sonnino - data analysis and TCE expert

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