Affiliates and Partners

Affiliates and Partners


PredictumLogo.jpg Predictum develops software systems and delivers expert consulting, training on the use of analytical methods plus, offers tools and free add-ins to support these efforts.
affiliate_poppharm.jpg POP-PHARM provides consulting in Biostatistics, Mathematical modeling, Statistical modeling, Simulation of clinical trials, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Non Linear Mixed Effect Modeling, Compartment Analysis, Design of Experiments, Optimization Algorithms development
affiliate_disruptiveconcepts.jpg Disruptive concepts provides organisations with both strategic advice and operational power to plan, execute and communicate their actions. They harvest ideas, shape them into product concepts, and help to materialize them as to come up with market ready products – from conceptual work to execution and performance evaluation.

The Industrial Statistics Research Unit of the University of Newcastle promotes the effective and widespread use of statistical methods throughout European industry and uses the ideas and experience so gained for the benefit of students and the wider academic community. ISRU and KPA have been partners in a wide range of projects including workshops on Six Sigma in Healthcare and Six Sigma in Government Services.

affiliate_greenfield.jpg Greenfield Research promotes the widespread use of sound, science-driven computing and statistical methods in business and industrial management to improve the quality and performance of your products and processes, and to increase and sustain your profits
affiliate_digitalmr.jpg DigitalMR help organisations succeed by utilizing the web and best in class science and technology. Its digital solutions enable the delivery of actionable insights by marketing experts through advanced analytics and interpretation of data.
affiliate_creativitas.jpg offers a series of courses designed to enhance innovation and creative thinking, both in a corporate or non-corporate setting, see the All Courses menu for more information.

Together with, KPA has developed a unique approach to measure the impact on organizations of creativity and innovation programs, leading to the Creativity and Innovation Management Index.

affiliate_enbis.jpg The mission of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics is to foster and facilitate the application and understanding of statistical methods in business and industry and provide a forum for the dynamic exchange of ideas and e networking among statistical practitioners. It has over 1500 members from over 50 countries. Professor Ron Kenett, our Chairman and CEO, is past President of ENBIS
affiliate_takeoff.jpg The Takeoff initiative is providing business development services to entrepreneurs and investors. Takeoff specializes in leading high potential entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business. Takeoff is managed by Prof Ron Kenett. For information please contact Ms. Iris Yechiely,
The KPA Group affiliates and partners cover a range of activities for generating insights through analytics. These include marketing, risk management, clinical trials, pre-clinical research, biostatistics, data mining and creativity management. The group offers complementary capabilities that provide our customers with effective and efficient focused interventions.